Redundant Cloud Backups

Rest easy that your data is safe and secure with scalable, simple backup service.

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Keep your Instance’ data safe with the HostWinks Backup Service. Automatically backup your Instance so that you can always recover your data.

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Fully Managed Backups

HostWinks Backups is a managed service that automatically backs up your Instance disks at regular intervals. Use full-system backups to guard against accidental deletions or misconfigurations.

Configurable Backup Window

You can choose when your Instance backups are generated. Select a two-hour window that suits you.

Enroll With One Click

Enable the Backup Service with a single click. It activates instantly, and your first backups will be automatically scheduled. No software to install or configure.

Why to Choose us?

Unbelievably fast
Quickly accessible
Restore in a swift
Full snapshot backups
Stored for the long term
Clone to new storage
Fault Tolerant
Effortless data safety
100% Uptime SLA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup is a centralized backup service that makes it easy and cost-effective for you to backup your application data in the HostWinks Cloud, helping you meet your business and regulatory backup compliance requirements. HostWinks Backup makes protecting your HostWinks storage volumes, databases, and file systems simple by providing a central place where you can configure and audit the HostWinks resources you want to backup, automate backup scheduling, set retention policies, and monitor all recent backup and restore activity.

How does Cloud Backup’s lifecycle feature work?

For Cloud services that introduce backup functionality built on Cloud Backup provides a lifecycle feature that allows you to automatically transition your recovery points from a warm storage tier backed by Cloud that provides millisecond access time to your backups to a lower-cost cold storage tier backed by Glacier that provides a restore time of 3-5 hours.

How does Cloud Backup work?

To get started with Cloud Backup, create a backup policy called a backup plan, which defines parameters such as how frequently to backup your resources and how long to store those backups. You can then assign resources to backup plans and Cloud Backup will start automatically backing up these resources and managing backup retention on your behalf according to your backup plan. You can use Cloud Backup’s central console to view your Cloud resources that are being protected, restore from a backup, and monitor backup and restore activity.

What are the key features of Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup provides a centralized console, automated backup scheduling, backup retention management, and backup monitoring and alerting. Cloud Backup also offers advanced features such as lifecycling backups to a low-cost storage tier, backup storage and encryption that is independent from its source data, and backup access policies.

How does encryption work in Cloud Backup?

Backups from Cloud services that introduce backup functionality built on Cloud Backup are encrypted in-transit and at-rest independently from the source services, giving your backups an additional layer of protection. Encryption is configured at the Backup Vault level. Backups from services with existing backup capabilities are encrypted using the source service’s backup encryption methodology. For example, EBS snapshots are encrypted using the encryption key of the volume the snapshot was created from.

Why should I use Cloud Backup?

Backing up your data is an important step towards protecting your application and ensuring that you meet your business and regulatory backup compliance requirements. Even durable resources are susceptible to threats like bugs in your application that could cause accidental deletions or corruption. Building and managing your own backup workflows across all your applications in a compliant and consistent manner can be complex and costly. HostWinks Backup removes the need for costly, custom solutions or manual processes by providing a fully managed, policy-based backup solution that provides automated backup scheduling and backup retention management.