Highly available block storage

Attach secure and scalable SSD-based Volumes Block Storage to your Instance.

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Instant Block Storage

Instant’s Block Storage service lets you increase your Instance’s storage capacity by attaching additional high-speed volumes. Volumes are managed independently of Instance, so your data persists even if you delete your Instance.

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Attach Volumes to your Instance

Add more storage space, mix and match compute and storage to suit your database, file storage, application, service, mobile, and backup needs.

Outstanding performance at an amazing price

Pay only for provisioned capacity – no need for complicated formulas to determine the overall cost for transactions or IOPs.

Manage Your Data Independently

Block storage volumes are managed independently of instances. You can attach and detach volumes to any Linode at any time without having to reboot.

Why to Choose us?

Highly available
Live resize
Reliable and secure
Stand alone service
High-Speed storage
Independent data
Fault Tolerant
Data replication
100% Uptime SLA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are HostWinks Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes?

HostWinks Block Volumes provide persistent, durable, and high-performance storage for your data. HostWinks Block Volumes let you store your data on block volumes independently and beyond the lifespan of your compute instance. HostWinks Block Volumes can help you manage your block volumes, control data, and achieve the storage configuration your application requires.

What is a block volume?

A block volume is a type of data storage that is more expansive than file storage. Block volumes use iSCSI Ethernet protocol to deliver the features and performance similar to on-premise storage area networks (SANs), and are designed for the security and durability of the data life cycle. Using HostWinks Block Volumes, you can create block volumes and attach them to your compute instance.

When do I use block volumes?

We recommend using block volumes when your workload application requires highly available storage and the performance of a SAN, or your data governance needs to include integrated backups. Your application benefits from service elasticity, data persistence, and performance. Block volumes provide you with simple management options, operational flexibility, and pay-as-you-go pricing with isolation and maximum control.

What happens to data when an instance terminates?

Data stored on local compute drives persists only as long as that compute instance, and should only be used for temporary files. When you store data on higher durability block volumes, your data persists for the lifetime of the block volume. If the compute instance terminates, you can attach the volume to another compute instance and regain access to the persistent data in that volume. By using block volumes, you can extend your data protection plan to include integrated block volume backups, providing a copy of your data at the date the backup is created.

How durable is data stored in HostWinks Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes?

Multiple copies of data are stored redundantly across multiple storage servers with built-in repair mechanisms. The Block Volumes service is designed to provide 99.99 percent (Four 9's) annual durability for block and boot volumes. However, we recommend that you make regular backups to protect against the failure of an availability domain.

Does performing a backup have an impact on the performance and access on my live data?

Backup is done by a point-in-time snapshot. It continues asynchronously without impacting access to data. Access to the block volume that is being backed up continues without any interruption or additional latency or performance impact.