Application Load Balancers

Ensure your valuable applications and services are highly available.

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Load Balancers

Easily scale your app or website to thousands of users with Load Balancers. Automatically handle increases in load and ensure your site is highly available.

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Point-and-Click High Availability

Boost your application’s availability. Load Balancers are load balancers-as-a-service in the cloud, managed by HostWinks. They intelligently route incoming requests to backend HostWinks to help your application cope with any load increase.

Perform Maintenance Without Dropping Traffic

Take backend HostWinks in and out of rotation via the Cloud Manager, API, or CLI, and perform system maintenance or software updates without missing a beat.

Built-In Health Monitoring

Load Balancers monitor how well your backend HostWinks are handling traffic and will only route requests to healthy Instance.

Why to Choose us?

Distribute Any Load
SSL Termination
Session Persistence
Multi-Port Balancing
Pooled Network Transfer
Active Health Checks
Static IPv4 and IPv6
Connection Throttling
Full API Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time it takes to deploy a load balancer?

Load balancer is ready to use in just 30 to 60 seconds only.

What algorithms are supported by Load Balancer?

HostWinks Load balancer support Round Robin and Least connection algorithm. (Round Robin: Requests are distributed across the group of cloud servers sequentially, Least connection:Request is sent to the server with least connection).

Do you charge extra for bandwidth consumption on Load balancer?

No, The communication between the Load balancer and Cloud server goes through the internal traffic, therefore, we do not charge extra for bandwidth.

How many servers can I add in a single load balancer?

You can add multiple server in a single load balancer, we have not defined any limit for that.

Does your load balancer support HTTPS redirection?

Yes, Our Load balancer supports redirection from HTTP to HTTPS.

Can I use load balancer for server hosted in different location or datacenter?

No, We only support the server hosted in our network in the same Datacenter Location with the load balancers.